-  Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG) or other vector files whenever possible.
-  Illustrator (AI, EPS, PDF) 
-  Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG FILE. 
-  Set up image in CMYK format. Setup files at 300 dpi @ 1/3 scale, 100-150 dpi at full scale. Minimum acceptable level is 72 DPI at full size.

  For Example: When creating a 3' x 12’banner print, make a Photoshop document 1’ x 4’ @ 300 dpi. Create your graphic then save in PDF format with .ZIP compression for smallest file size.

If you provide us with pantone color, we will match defined colors as closely as possible, however the 100% reproduction of defined colors (PANTONE, RAL) is not always possible. Large Format Printers are not Pantone devices. Colors will be close but not exact. If you are concerned about color matching, we recommend printing a sample at additional cost and production time.



Email:  send file to  (up to 25M)

Larger file over 25M can be upload through  or




 In most cases, the printed color seems different from the computer screen, below is the reason of the color difference: 

 1. Different printer will bring different color effect because the difference existed in the printing program, imaging pattern and printed substrate features. 

 2. Even though for same brand printer,  the output image effect is different when using different substrate(different brand, different weight) and different ink,  the ink absorbing level on different substrate is different. 

 3. Even though for same substrate, same ink and same printer, the color effect is different at its different life time.  So ICC color manage system is needed to calibrate color to be more close to origial design. 



The most important thing to note about the proof is that when you approve a proof, it means that the job is going into production. Approval of the proof is your statement telling Bannerofchina to "Print this job. I take complete responsibility that this is the exact design I want printed."

Proof read all layouts, carefully checking position, type, numbers, halftones, and names. 

Bannerofchina will output your color printing as accurately as possible from your digitally created files/layouts, but may not match density and color fully due to inherent limitations in the full color printing process.

Bannerofchina has the ability to provide a hard copy proof at a nominal fee of your final large-format output. This should be used for color representation as well as object placement, spelling correctness, and to make certain that all elements of the design have been included. 

In the unlikely event of a production error or defect, you must notify Bannerofchina within 24 hours after you have received your product/s and we will re-run your project at no additional charge to you.  Bannerofchina reserves the right to determine validity of claims of manufacturer errors or defects.



Bannerofchina requires every client to review a proof for every order. Approval must be received BEFORE production is started. The client may choose any of the following types of proofs available:


EMAIL PROOF:  Bannerofchina will send your proof via email before printing. Email proofs are not color accurate as most monitors are not 100% color calibrated.


ACTUAL MATERIAL PROOF:  Bannerofchina can generate proofs on the exact ordered material ordered on the actual press that your job will be produced on. This is the most accurate proofing method, however it is also the most expensive. These proofs take up to 48 hours to produce and cost $50 + shipping.